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If you are interested in working within a vibrant, highly creative and passionate organization, see the vacancies below.

The hiring journey

  • Apply

    Find a role that is fit for you by matching your skills and Interest with the job that excites you. Ensure that you re-write your resume by aligning your skills and experience with the Job description. If we find a potential match, we will schedule a call to learn more about you.

  • Interview

    Ensure you research thoroughly on Eneza and all its products by visiting going through our website & social media platforms before the interview. In fact, we encourage you to try our products.

  • Decide

    After all interviews have been done & responses(tasks) received, a number of enezans will give feedback. From the recommendations made, we shall contact the successful candidate with an offer letter. We await your first day

Available Positions

All rockstar positions are currently filled.

Life at Eneza

  • When you finally get to the top but are too tired to enjoy it #TeamBuilding
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