Frequently Asked Questions

Shupavu is our SMS product that is available in Kenya on Safaricom. You can view lessons, view the Top Ten students, search Wikipedia and chat with a live teacher. If you are a teacher you can also take a refresher course and receive tips on classroom management. Dial *291# to get started!

Mwalimoo is our web product. It is like Shupavu but you can edit your profile and see much richer content. You can use Mwalimoo on any device with an internet connection. You can also purchase Mwalimoo here or from any Textbook Centre in Nairobi.

Mwalimoo works on all operating systems: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Linux.

You can buy for as many users as you want. And, all of them can use the same phone. The aim is to observe individual progress. Therefore, it only makes sense if each user has a different username and password.
You can register for Eneza through your phone or through the website.
1. Through a simple phone: From a Safaricom line, send *291# SEND. The system will ask you if you are a teacher or student. When it asks for your name, make sure your phone is set to letters. (For simple phones, hold down the # button to do this.)
2. Through the website: Simply click “Sign Up.” We will ask a few questions about who you are. All of this information is kept private and is not shared with any third party unless they have authority over the data. (Teachers can see their students’ data.) See our privacy statement for more details.