Enezans thinking through the Eneza Education product vision and strategy

How we re-invented our product vision and strategy at Eneza

In my last post, I talked about the four pillars I identified as the priority areas when I started out ...
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Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook are way cooler than Physics lessons

Some people think they have a PHD in maturity because they never post on social media (Rolls eyes emoji). Ha! ...
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Eating should be allowed at any time during the school day

I am sitting here listening to the Math teacher and trying to make head or tail of what he is ...
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Is your love for the screen an addiction?

By Joel Stephens. You don’t have to look around for too long to notice plenty of people who seem oblivious to ...
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Enezans working on the office redesign using the design thinking approach

Getting started is always the hardest part

It is now about three months since I joined Eneza Education as the Head of Product and the interesting thing ...
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Dear Mr. President, Pregnancy is not contagious.

I like Tanzania’s President, John Pombe Magufuli. Mostly his corruption free style that puts things in order. His family- the ...
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Eneza adds 1 Million users in 6 months.

We have reached over 2.1 Million unique users on our platform. This calls for a grand celebration, but first let’s ...
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Vacancy: Digital Marketing Intern.

Eneza Education is East Africa’s #1 Mobile Learning Platform for 10 - 25 year old learners in rural areas. Our ...
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