Why failure should never be used to break students.

When I joined form one, I can clearly remember what a good student I was. The first year, I never ...
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Learners across Africa are getting smarter with our Free Basics mobile learning

The Mobile phone is a powerful tool if used the right way. We can only tell you this fact having ...
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The Good, Bad and Ugly memories of school trips.

I remember the slap landing squarely on my small face, the thud it had, the fingerprints that were imprinted on ...
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Educational trips: Vital tool in learning

Nothing was as amazing as a school trip back in the day. I believe everyone got excited by the school ...
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Locals can enjoy Tourism as much as Foreigners

During this week’s team meeting, the ice breaker was interesting. Name your ideal holiday destination. Simple task it is right? ...
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Education’s contribution to peace building

Education has a very large impact when it comes to peace building. Education and civilization has so far fostered the ...
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Dads’ contribution in their Children’s Education

It is a common belief that mothers tend to connect emotionally with their children, while fathers are known to connect ...
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Mobile learning improves timid Isaiah’s performance.

We get ushered in to a rural class of approximately 100 students. Kyamulendu Primary School is a mixed government school, ...
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