The Flipped Classroom teaching model

Having read and listened to lots of material on EdTech, the term Flipped Classroom has surfaced one too many times ...
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Developing the career that matters to you

Start young. Someone I know used to use this sentence a lot of times, “The successful people woke up early, ...
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Join the global audience with your stories: World Read Aloud Day #Wrad17

World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words and creates a community ...
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Kenyan Education system problem is deeper than the curriculum

It is interesting to note that before any new curriculum is launched, the experts talk about moving from knowledge based ...
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Obama’s legacy of empowering the young

The immediate former United States first family has contributed a lot to the improvement of education and the general aspirations ...
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Demystifying the difference between Learning and Education

A spot check around the country portrays a nation whose appetite for knowledge is way above what many would consider ...
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Kago Kagichiri among 2016 100 Most influential young Kenyans

Our CEO, Kago Kagichiri has been nominated in the inaugural list of 100 Most Influential Young Kenyans. This is the ...
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Developing a saving discipline: The 52 Week Challenge

New year comes with new resolutions to better oneself. Whether academically, physically or financially. One factor remains constant though. It ...
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