#ShupavuChat 10th June: Child Labor vs Responsibility

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Social Media is all about conversations that matter to people. With this in mind, we launched #ShupavuChat on twitter two weeks ago. #ShupavuChat is a twitter chat geared towards generating conversations in the educational space, with an aim of highlighting pertinent issues that either directly or indirectly affect education.

Last week, our chat was centered around Child Labor Vs Responsibility. Where do we draw the line at home and in schools? This chat was partly advised by the World Day Against Child Labor (WDACL) which was observed on Sunday 12th June.

It was an interesting conversation which had different views. Here are sample tweets that were under the hashtag #ShupavuChat.

We thank everyone who spares their time to engage in these conversations. Look out for more #ShupavuChats.

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  1. Jeremiah Wakaya

    I think the lines between labor and responsibility are so clear that one cannot claim to be unaware when they infringe on the child’s right. Anything that denies a child his/her basic rights is and remains unacceptable.

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