See how Shupavu291 works

Shupavu291 service is an SMS study tool which enables Primary and Secondary students to access Kenya National Curriculum aligned lessons, assessments, ASK A Teacher and Wikipedia. Teachers can access teacher development courses and Parents can access a basic business course. ┬áIt costs Ksh. 10/= for a weekly subscription. You don’t need an internet connection to use Shupavu291, all you need is a Safaricom line and a phone, of course.


Study a Topic

Study a topic

Choose a topic to begin studying. All topics are coded by UNIT and CLASS, e.g. Animals801 is from the Animals Unit in Class 8 Science. The first question is sent via SMS (a text message). Respond with the correct answer choice. Receive a tailored response for your answer choice

Receive a mini-lesson

Study a topic

This service is only accessible after completion of 2 quizzes. Type the word WIKI followed by what you wish to search (e.g. WIKI Kenya). Send your message to our Safaricom number 20851. You will automatically receive the Wikipedia text for that topic.

Ask a Teacher a question

Study a topic

Lessons will always appear before your question. If you receive below 60% on a quiz, Eneza will tell you to review a mini lesson on the topic. Simply follow the directions at the end of the quiz to access the mini lesson. Type NEXT after receiving each SMS.

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